Unique AutoPrep - Preparative HPLC

Provide the best preparative chromatographic system for your application

It is mainly used for the separation and purification of small molecules, natural products and other drugs.

Unique AutoPrep series automatic preparation liquid chromatography system has powerful function and stable and reliable performance. Whether only a small number of samples need to be processed every day or high-throughput purification is required. The unique autopure preparative liquid chromatography system enables you to quickly prepare valuable and complex mixtures and obtain high purity, high recovery, and completely reliable results.

Unique AutoPrep preparative liquid chromatography system is composed of injector, preparative chromatography host, preparative chromatography column and component collector. It can automatically complete the operations of sample injection, separation and purification and target component collection. Unique cdsystem chromatography workstation software can perform instrument control, purification method editing and automatic operation, automatic injection, automatic component collection, data collection Saving and management functions.

Main features:

Multiple configurations are available

  • Binary high pressure gradient, binary low pressure gradient, quaternary low pressure gradient and isocratic pump are optional

  • Configurable differential detector

Flexible configuration of dynamic mixer

  • Dynamic mixers of various specifications, the mixing chamber can be changed quickly, suitable for different flow rate ranges

Excellent performance

  • Excellent flow rate accuracy, accuracy, component accuracy and gradient linearity

  • Pressure fluctuation compensation technology can reduce system noise and improve the reproducibility of analysis results

  • Dual beam compensation technology: high stability and low drift


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