Unique AutoPure Pilot600 - Chromatography system


Unique Autopure Pilot600 is a benchtop  chromatography system for pi lot scale chromatography process. GMP or non - GMP  configurations are available. The system has a wide range of working flow, pressure resistance and detection range, which can  meet the requirements of process scale - up and small-scale GMP production.

System Overview

●  Unique AutoPure Pilot600 has flexible configuration options, supports chromatography  column of 26mm- 200mm in diameter.

●  Compact and easy to move. Easy to operate with all functional components located on  the front of the device.

●  User-friendly intuitive software design, easy to operate and method editing.

●  High-precision and large-flow plunger pump ensures a stable flow rate and gradient,  which can cover a variety of small-scale, pilot-scale and small-scale production  chromatography process.

●  Accurate online detectors—fixed or variable wavelength UV detector, conductivity and  pH, monitor and record various data of each run.

●  Software with audit trail, user management, e- signature, data analysis and report functions to meet the 21 CFR part11 requirements.

Control System

Unique AutoPure Pilot600 is controlled by the powerful Unique CDSystem chromatography workstation , equipped with brand computer , with friendly interface, intelligent programming, and easy to operate.

● System control

Real- time online monitoring and control, visual flow diagram, make each operation Intuitively visible, shortcut commands is integrated into the flow diagram to make the operation more simple and faster.


● Method editing 

Convenient and reliable human- machine interaction interface , easy to create  Methods with pre-programmed phases. You can drag and drop phase modules  To program a method, which is convenient for editing and overview. The edited  Phase module and methods can be saved as a customized phase module or  Methods.script editing is available to support more automatic and customized  Method editing.

● Result analysis 

Provides comprehensive analysis functions such as  Chromatogram comparison, peak integration, and result  Export, etc.  

● Data storage 

Support sql server database, remote data storage,  Automatic backup to ensure data security;

● Audit trail 

Multi- level user management mode, electronic signature, instrument and data Operation record tracking, complies with gmp/glp, 21 cfr part11, etc.

Detailed introduction

Unique Autopure Pilot600 comes with standard configuration and also possible to upgrade the modules and change the configuration according to your requirement. The system configuration can be updated by simply adding or removing the modules. Autopure Pilot 600 non - GMP models are provided with general product documentation and operating instructions,with validation  documentation available upon request.Sanitary-grade equipment is available that meets the GMP environment. The final equipment configuration is determined when the order is confirmed. The liquid contact parts in the flow path  are made of sanitary - grade bio-inert materials that meet the GMP standard to ensure that the liquid flows through.

● Confifiguration model


● Confifiguration introduction


● System basic parameters

Main system sizeL*W*H 600x500x850mm
Main system weight 65kg
Control System Unique CDSystem
Enclosure rating IP54
Electricity supply 100 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
working environment Temperature: 4℃- 35℃,  Relative Humidity: 20%- 95%, no condensation

● System performance parameters

System pump

(Dual pump system)

A/B pump

Flow rate range: 4 - 600ml/min (2-pump packing mode: 1 - 1200ml/min)

Eligibility range: 5%-95%

Pressure range: 0 - 2MPa (20bar, 290 psi)

Viscosity: 0.7 - 10 cp

UV detector

280nm fixed wavelength detector

LED light source, lifespan>8000h

Detection range: -6— +6AU

Linearity: between ±2%@0-2AU

Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±1 nm

Noise: ±1*10 -4 AU (1S)

DAD full spectrum direct reading detector, 200 - 400nm variable dual wavelength.

Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±1 nm

Noise: ±1*10 -4 AU (@254nm, 1S)

Optical fiber conduction, external flow cell, avoid light source temperature affecting the activity of protein samples, double beam design with high stability.

Standard flow cell: 2mm optical diameter, 20ul flow cell volume, maximum pressure resistance 2Mpa

Conductivity detector

Detection range: 0.1mS/cm - 999.9mS/cm

Detection cell volume: 20ul

Accuracy: ±3% or 0.2mS/cm; built-in temperature sensor, automatic compensation calibration

Temperature detector

Temperature Range: 0 - 99 ℃; Temperature Accuracy: ± 2℃at 2℃ – 50℃

PH detector

Detection range: 2 - 12; Accuracy: ± 0.15

Inlet options

4 inlets for single pump

A total of 8 inlets of double pumps

Expandable to 12 inlets

Outlets options

Maximum 8

Column valve

single column

Bubble trap

Effectively remove air bubbles in the system, optional online or offline


Mixing chamber volume: 12ml

Bubble sensor

Support up to 3

Pressure Sensor

One after each pump(A,B), one before the column, one after the column, a total of four, detection range is 0 - 2MPa

Online filter

Integrated into mixing cell, pore size, guard column


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