Unique AutoTFF™075 Tangential Flow Filtration System

Unique AutoTFF™075

Unique AutoTFF™075 is a flexible and automated lab scale tangential flow filtration(TFF)system that can be used with hollow fibers or cassette filters for  concentration, diafiltration or clarification of samples. It is widely used in biological product process, such as antibodies, recombinant proteins,  mRNA, nucleic acids, viral vectors, etc. Its flexible configuration allows for manual operation and highly automated process control. Combined  with a comprehensive management system, it is suitable for small-scale process development, process scale up study, and sample preparation.

Product Features

  • Automatic TMP control, weighing, feeding,  precise control of concentration ratio and  diafiltration volume

  • Compact design, small recirculation  volume, to meet high concentration  requirements

  • The User friendly control software offers  easily recipe setup, operation control, data  recording and user management

  • Optional permeate pumplfor comprihensive  microfiltration processe control

  • High automation with pre-defined  method modules, recipe and recipe  sequence

  • Optional conductivity sensor, pH, UV, for  comprehensive process monitoring

  • Adapt to different type of cassette filters  and hollow fibers

Predefined method modules

Method ModuleFunction
FillingAdd a certain amount of liquid to the circulation vessel
Water flux testCan automatically test water flux based on defined pressure/crossflow conditions

Clarification / Concentration

Concentrate the feed liquid to the defined volume or concentration factor

Constant volume diafiltration with continuouse feed entill predefined endpoint, eg.  Diltiltration volume, conductivity, pH

Harvest/DrainHarvest the liquid through the harvesting port or outlet valve
CIPUsed for system cleaning
FlushFlush the system with water, buffer or other solutions
PauseSystem pause

Unique AutoTFF™075  Specification

Dimensions(LxDxH,mm)580 x 355 x 640 (filter holder not included)
Electrical requirements240VAC, 50-60Hz
Weight48kg(include 0.1m² filter holder)
System languageEnglish,Chinese
Ambient temperature2-35°C

Filtration area50cm²-0.1m²(The specific filtration area can be varied with different filters)

Maximum feed pressure

Minimum recirculating volume20ml
Process temperature2-50°C
Feed pump flow rate0-700ml/min
Retentate pump flow rate0-600ml/min
Permeate pump flow rate0-300ml/min

Recirculation vessel volume

Stirring speed0-300rpm
Pressure sensorDetection range: 0-5Bar
Conductivity sensorDetection range: 0-999.999ms/cm
Temperature sensorIntegrated in conductivity sensor, detection range: 0-99℃
pHDetection range: 1-14

Retentate and filtration weighing

Filter holder

1 ABS multifunctional holder for 50cm ² Capsule capsule or hollow fiber filters with a diameter no more than 50mm
1 0.1m ² Stainless steel holder

Tube&ConnectorLuer Lock


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