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Inscinstech obtained the pre-A round of financin


Inscinstech is an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on biological separation technology. The company has established R & D centers in Suzhou and Boston in the United States, which has gathered outstanding talents with great innovation ability and foresight. The core technical team has engaged in the R & D of high-end scientific instruments such as chromatography, spectrum, mass spectrometry and laser scattering spectrum in the world's top scientific instrument companies, and mastered the core key technologies of liquid chromatography, spectrum and mass spectrometry, It has laid a solid foundation for the development of more intelligent biological instruments.


Over the past four years since its establishment, through continuous technological innovation, the company has obtained more than 20 intellectual property rights, including more than 10 invention patents; Sales performance has developed rapidly, with an annualized compound growth rate of more than 100%. The protein purification instrument products developed by the company have been quickly recognized by many large biopharmaceutical and vaccine companies and scientific research institutes, including yaomingkant, Lizhu, Huabei pharmaceutical, Wantai, Sihuan pharmaceutical, Yiqiao technology, Lunan, placo, Wen's, Changchun Institute of biological products, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xiamen University and so on.

This round of financing will strengthen the independent R & D capacity of the company's core key components, accelerate the listing process of new products and the development of the global market.

The development of the company focuses on the biological innovative drug market and provides general and special intelligent instruments for Biopharmaceutical Enterprises and scientific research institutions. At present, the product has formed a gradient, and a new generation of autopure plus series protein purifier will be launched soon, using many innovative technologies:

Patent IDDC ® The control technology makes the infusion pump have better flow rate accuracy and flow stability, so as to obtain better separation reproducibility and lower signal noise.

ICLC ® Control technology can improve the reliability of rotary valve and avoid the risk of instrument operation failure.

Advanced driving technology is adopted to obtain faster sample collection speed and effectively avoid sample loss.

The new generation of chromatography workstation software has more powerful functions, higher reliability, faster running speed and better operation experience.


The company will soon launch autooligo large-scale nucleic acid synthesis instrument, a new generation of AutoPrep automatic nucleic acid purification instrument and core key equipment for the R & D and production of liposome nanoparticle assembly system, so as to provide a strong solution for the R & D and production of nucleic acid drugs and mRNA vaccines. More cost-effective products will reduce the R & D, production and operation costs of pharmaceutical enterprises, Create value for customers.


Under the background of Sino US trade war, benefiting from the bonus of engineers and the improvement of precision machining technology, domestic substitution has become a trend. Dynamic balance is extremely optimistic about the prospect of biological innovative drugs in China and even the world. With its development, the ceiling of its upstream laboratory instruments and equipment will break through the traditional static statistical values. From a dynamic perspective, dynamic balance will invest exclusively in inseis in this round, introduce the team investment and research point of view, and improve the company's organizational structure and operation and management philosophy, Strengthen the independent R & D capability of the company's core and key components, accelerate the listing process of new products and the construction of marketing system in the global market, and help inseis become a leading enterprise of biopharmaceutical laboratory scientific instruments in the world.

Dynamic balance capital is the core enterprise of Nanjing Jiangning Science and technology venture capital group. It is supported by government equity participation, market operation and professional management. It manages multiple government master funds, venture capital funds and industrial funds, with a total scale of more than 30 billion yuan, covering all stages of angel, VC and PE. In line with & ldquo; Make valuable more valuable & rdquo; The purpose is to solve market failure, service innovation and entrepreneurship as the priority, and create & ldquo; Investment + & rdquo; Service mode.

inscinstech human vision:

L become an international leading brand in the field of life science instruments

insinstech human mission:

L create value for customers and society l make unremitting efforts to realize environmental friendly, efficient and cost-effective intelligent scientific instruments

inscinstech People's core values:

L people oriented, the only way is to use L integrity, focus and cooperation l market-oriented, customer demand as the goal, continuous innovation and continuous transcendence, create value for customers l repay our employees, shareholders and society