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Inses attends 2019 Annual Conference on biological products

Documents of the Organizing Committee of China biological products annual conference
Notice of the 19th China biological products annual conference (cbiopc2019) and the Conference Celebrating the Centennial birthday of China's biology (the first round)
The 19th China biological products annual conference (cbiopc2019) and the celebration of the Centennial birthday of China's biology are scheduled to be held in Beijing from November 28 to 30, 2019. The annual meeting was co sponsored by the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association, the professional committee of biological drugs and quality research of China Pharmaceutical Association, the biological products branch of China Preventive Medicine Association, the vaccine Professional Committee of China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association and the biological products professional committee of China Society of microbiology. The first round of relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: [meeting time] November 28-30, 2019 (Thursday Saturday), November 28, 2019
[venue] Beijing International Convention Center (No. 8, Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)
[theme of the conference] it coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and the Centennial birthday of Chinese biology; Display new China biological products 70
Achievements in and review the Centennial historical inheritance of Chinese biological products & rdquo; To carry out grand, warm and colorful academic exchanges and industrial exchanges
Flow and industry communication< br> [meeting content]
1. Conference report: academicians and authoritative experts at home and abroad are invited to make academic reports on the latest achievements, development trends, policies and regulations of biomedicine
Sue< br> 2. Sub venue report: invite the food and drug administration, Health Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, National Drug Evaluation Center, verification center, Central Inspection Institute,
Experts from Pharmacopoeia Commission, CDC, drug R & D units, manufacturing enterprises and investment institutions focus on hot issues, regulatory policies and research
Branch venues are set up for academic exchanges on development, production, quality control, clinical application, biomedical investment and financing, biopharmaceutical engineering technology, etc.
Flow< br> 3. Achievements and product display: set up exhibition area to display biomedical related products, technologies and achievements< br> [conference scale] 2500-3000 people
[conference website] Org, micro official website: WeChat official account “ CBioPC”。< br> [register for participation] 1. Please register on the official website or micro official website
2. Registration fee for participants (including conference materials, site rent and catering during the conference):
1500 yuan / person (registered and paid before November 10, 2019)
1200 yuan / person (paid by representatives of member units of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association before the meeting)
800 yuan / person (paid before the student union)
2000 yuan / person (on-site payment)
3. Representatives shall pay their own transportation and accommodation expenses
[remittance Payment] account name: China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association
Bank of deposit: Beijing Xizhimen branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Account No.: 020006509200024654
[contact information]
Registered contact: Wang Qing investment promotion cooperation contact: Xiao Lingyun, Wang Yanting
Tel: 010-52831556 Tel: 010-52831550 021-24283510
Mobile phone: 18330696371 mobile phone: 13641041779 15000176825
Email: Email:
Organizing Committee of 2019 China biological products annual conference (seal)
March 27, 2019