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Inscinstech Makes a Wonderful Appearance in Thailand and India


2023, Inscinstech,based in China market and also developiong global market, actively exploring the Asian and European markets, assisting domestic technology to go global, and creating a new situation for international cooperation.

After the successful completion of exhibitions in Vietnam, South Korea, and the Netherlands, Inscinstech continued to dig into the Asian market, attending to the Bio Asia Pacific laboratory in Thailand, the Biotechnology and Chemical Exhibition (September 6th -8th ), and the Analytica Anacon India Analytical Biochemistry Expo in India (September 14th-16th ). These two exhibitions, as one of the most important laboratory technology and life science exhibitions in Southeast Asia and India, were packed with unprecedented crowds and grandeur.


Inscinstech--Bio Asia Pacific, Thailand

At the Bio Asia Pacific exhibition in Thailand, Inscinstech provided customers with an in-depth introduction to our company's popular product, Unique AutoPure protein purification system. It is widely used to purify various target substances such as micrograms to grams of protein, peptides, nucleic acids, vaccines, etc. The customized system can meet the needs of different customers and provide protection for your experiments.



Inscinstech--Analytica Anacon India


Inscinstech made its debut at the Analytica Anacon India exhibition in India, discussing industry trends and demands with clients from different countries, further showcasing China's technological strength and global service capabilities to the global market. The on-site booth showcases a variety of highlights, attracting numerous overseas customers and friends to stop, visit and exchange ideas.



Inscinstech has always adhered to a market-oriented approach and actively implemented a development strategy of platformization, intelligence, and globalization. In the future, Inscinstech will continue to strengthen technological innovation and quality upgrading, striving to create a comprehensive solution for the biopharmaceutical CMC process, and is committed to becoming an international leading brand in the field of scientific instruments.