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Inscinstech's Unique AutoPure-Protein purification system was selected as "Good Domestic Instrument"


Inscinstech was selected into the fourth session of "Good Domestic Instruments".

The fourth session of "Good Domestic Instruments" insisted on the standard of "user evaluation as the priority criterion", and selected good instruments that meet users' actual work needs and meet the standard from each specific application scenario.

The shortlist is to support and recognize the products and technologies of Inscinstech. Based on the professional and meticulous research and innovation spirit of Inscinstech, protein purification system products have proved their technical accumulation and product R&D strength by virtue of their high reliability, stability and safety.

The protein purification system is mainly used in the fields of biological pharmacy such as monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, vaccine, biochemical medicine, antibiotics, natural products and polysaccharides, and is used for the separation and purification of downstream processes of biological products.


·Configure flexible and powerful automated chromatography system

·Unique CDSystem is powerful and easy to operate

·Can be matched with closed and refrigeration type component collector

·Meet complex experimental and process development requirements

In the future, Inscinstech will continue to be committed to providing customers with high-quality biological separation equipment and chemical analysis instruments, reducing customer operating costs, creating value for customers, and helping the healthy and rapid development of global scientific instrument industry.