Unique AutoOligo - Large scale oligonucleotide synthesizer

Unique AutoOligo is a flexible, intuitive, automatic oligonucleotide synthesizer for the rapid synthesis of 1μ mol-12mmol nucleic acid samples. It is suitable for clinical research, pharmaceutical development and molecular diagnostic probe synthesis.

Unique AutoOligo has three models:

Unique AutoOligo25, synthetic amount 1 ~ 100 μmol;

Unique AutoOligo100, synthetic amount 50μmol ~ 9mmol;

Unique AutoOligo150, synthetic amount 150μmol ~ 12mmol;

Unique AutoOligo600, synthetic amount 1mmol ~ 50mmol;

      ●   Unique AutoOligo adopts a high-precision metering pump drive system, which is compatible with reagents for nucleic acid synthesis. It adopts flow-through solid-phase column synthesis technology, which can significantly reduce reagent consumption and ensure accurate control of reaction speed and contact time. At the same time, it has higher synthesis efficiency and is convenient for linear amplification.

     ●   Unique AutoOligo can use 14 monomers at the same time, continuously and automatically on 1 or 3 or 8 columns.   

     ●   Unique AutoOligo system workstation has a powerful data management system to provide you with a complete and reliable nucleic acid synthesis method development platform.

Unique AutoOligo features:

●   High precision metering pump, Flow path is resistant to organic reagents;

●   Multiple column positions are optional;

●   High degree of automation ;

●   Monomer solution recycling;

●   Sequential synthesis;

●   High capacity: One synthesis cycle can be completed in as little as 20 minutes; 

●   Online monitoring of UV, conductivity signal and pressure;

●   The software interface is friendly and the method can be edited flexibly;

●   Comply with relevant regulations of FDA and USP;

instrument performance parameters:

Chemical solvent compatibilityCompatible with common reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis, acetonitrile, coupling reagent, cap removing agent, oxidation reagent, cap capping agent, sulfide reagent, etc. (not compatible with TETRAhydrofuran)
synthetic scale1 µmol to 12 mmol
synthesis efficiency>99% for DNA & >98% for RNA
cycle time4.5 to 25min (Standard DNA)
reagent stabilization time in the instrument>  2 weeks

Instrument configuration:

Dimensions (W & H & D)400 ×  550 ×  480 mm
Weight60 kg
Synthetic columns1, 3, maximum 8
Number of monomer inletsstandard 8, maximum 14
AutoOligo25、AutoOligo100、AutoOligo1502 × 25 mL/min、2 ×100 mL/min、2 ×150 mL/min
DetectorConductivity, UV detector, UV detector wavelength range: 200-600nm, 4 channels
System protectionArgon or nitrogen
Air inlet pressure0.3~0.35bar
Valve7 low dead volume valves
Control systemUnique AutoOligo System
Warranty1 year

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