Pilot600 chromatography system

System Overview:

  • Unique AutoPure Pilot600 has flexible configuration options, supports chromatography column of 26mm-200mm in diameter.

  • Compact and easy to move. Easy to operate with all functional components located on the front of the device.

  • User-friendly intuitive software design, easy to operate and method editing. 

  • High-precision and large-flow plunger pump ensures a stable flow rate and gradient, which can cover a variety of small-scale, pilot-scale and small-scale production chromatography process.

  • Accurate online detectors——fixed or variable wavelength UV detector, conductivity and pH, monitor and record various data of each run.

  • Software with audit trail, user management, e-signature, data analysis and report functions to meet the 21 CFR part11 requirements.

System performance parameters:

System pump

(Dual pump system)

A/B pump

Flow rate range: 4-600ml/min (2-pump packing mode: 1-1200ml/min)

Eligibility range: 5%-95%

Pressure range: 0–2MPa (20bar, 290 psi)

Viscosity: 0.7-10 cp

UV detector

280nm fixed wavelength detector

LED light source, lifespan>8000h

Detection range: -6+6AU

Linearity: between ±2%@0-2AU

Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±1 nm

Noise: ±1*10 -4 AU (1S)

DAD full spectrum direct reading detector, 200-400nm variable dual wavelength.

Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±1 nm

Noise: ±1*10 -4 AU (@254nm, 1S)

Optical fiber conduction, external flow cell, avoid light source temperature affecting the activity of protein samples, double beam design with high stability.

Standard flow cell: 2mm optical diameter, 20ul flow cell volume, maximum pressure resistance 2Mpa

Conductivity detector

Detection range: 0.1mS/cm-999.9mS/cm

Detection cell volume: 20ul

Accuracy: ±3% or 0.2mS/cm; built-in temperature sensor, automatic compensation calibration

Temperature detector

Temperature Range: 0-99 ℃; Temperature Accuracy: ± 2℃at 2℃–50℃

PH detector

Detection range: 2-12; Accuracy: ±0.15

Inlet options

4 inlets for single pump

A total of 8 inlets of double pumps

Expandable to 12 inlets

Outlets options

Maximum 8

Column valve

single column

Bubble trap

Effectively remove air bubbles in the system, optional online or offline


Mixing chamber volume: 12ml

Bubble sensor

Support up to 3

Pressure Sensor

One after each pump(A,B), one before the column, one after the column, a total of four, detection range is 0-2MPa

Online filter

Integrated into mixing cell, pore size, guard column