Unique AutoOligo® Large scale oligonucleotide synthesizer


Unique AutoOligo® oligonucleotide synthesizer is a compact, flexible, intuitive, automatic system for the rapid synthesis of 10μmol-50mmol oligonucleotide. It is designed for clinical research, pharmaceutical development and molecular diagnostic probe synthesis.

Unique AutoOligo® adopts a high-accuracy metering pump, which is compatible with reagents used in oligonucleotide synthesis process. It is base on flow - through solid -phase synthesis,which can significantly reduce reagent consumption and ensure accurate control of reaction speed and contact time, high synthesis efficiency and convenient for linear scale-up.

 Unique AutoOligo® supports up to 14 amidite inlets, and 1, 3, or 8 columns to run the analysis process automatically.The system is designed with optimized flow path to reduce the hold-up volume and small footprint, amidite bottles and other reagent bottles are posioined on the side of the system. The valves, sensors and pumps are positioned on the open front to ensure easy access.

Unique AutoOligo® system workstation is powerful in data management, flexible and easy method creation, user management, audit trail and data analysis, provide you with a complete and reliable method development platform.

Unique AutoOligo®has four models:

Unique AutoOligo®25

nominal synthesis scale 10μmol-100μmol

Unique AutoOligo®100
nominal synthesis scale 50μmol-9mmol

Unique AutoOligo®150
nominal synthesis scale 150μmol-12mmol

Unique AutoOligo®600
nominal synthesis scale 1mmol-50mmol



Fully automated with sensors, valves and interactive software
Low reagent consumption with optimized flow path and recycling function
Broad synthesis scales and easy scale up
Intuitive method edition with predefined phases and text edition
Robust process control with UV, conductivity sensors

System specifications (AutoOligo®25-150)


Unique CDSystem



System specification (AutoOligo®600)


Unique AutoOligo®
Parameters of Synthesis Columns